Everything Is Fucked Up And Bullshit

So the country is up shit creek without a paddle after the Brexit vote. We all said it would be, but few believed us. The rise of racist attacks have been exponential (over 300% increase in the past week alone). We’ve had a Labour MP assassinated by a member of Britain First just over a week ago and no one has proscribed them yet as a terrorist organisation. There’s a coup attempt in the Parliamentary Labour Party to oust Jeremy Corbyn as Labour leader, David pig-fucker Cameron has quit as Prime Minister and leader of the Conservative Party, and both Michael Gove and Theresa May are in the running for that job. Many EU national leaders are telling the UK Government to file Article 50 as soon as is practicable. We’ve lost billions in the international markets and the pound – dollar exchange rate is at its lowest since 1985.

And we lack clear leadership within all this mess.

The old Chinese curse, “may you live in interesting times”, is applicable.

Right now we could be having a revolution that topples the established order, but we’re all playing. I mean, with this much chaos who is going to stop us from mass protests demanding the downfall of the regime? Who is going to give the orders with the heads of both parties effectively cut off? Why aren’t we in the streets behind barricades demanding serious political and economic change? Everything is fucked up and bullshit but we are not taking advantage of the ensuing chaos.

Sometimes I think it is we Brits who are the most colonized of the world. “And the methods used and perfected in colonialism are brought back home and use to do a sort of internal colonization on the home population…” (Michel Foucault; Society Must Be Defended).

Well, fuck you all.

I am out of here.

When this web site expires in September I will not be renewing it. If you want to archive any of the Creative Commons licensed articles on this site be my guest. You’ve got two months to do it in.


#OpDeathEaters – Further Revelations Concerning Laleham School

Earlier this year I wrote a post about my experiences at Laleham Residential School and how allegations of child abuse were treated by those whose duty of care was to protect the kids. Well, recently I have been back in contact with other former pupils and had a long discussion about things on a private Facebook group for former pupils of the school. I learned a lot of things about Mr Pierce, and about my case which the police neglected to tell me about twenty years ago.

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In Praise of Trifles

I have read some serious novels in my time, by some of the most worthiest of authors – novels that have shaped and impacted international literature. I am currently reading “Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell” by Susanna Clarke, for example. I have also read the entire “A Song of Ice and Fire” series so far by George R R Martin, the “Oath of Empire” series by Thomas Harlan, and even, “The Hobbit” by J R R Tolkien. I’ve read much of Charles Dickens’ work, and that of H G Wells and Jules Verne. In the graphic novel form of literature, I could drop Neil Gaiman’s “The Sandman” and David Mack’s “Kabuki” along side the more traditional literary greats, but there are times when reading other forms of literature is important, in order to refresh our palettes.

So let’s here it for those novels, both traditional and graphic, that others might unkindly refer to as trifles. Let’s here it for the Discworld books by Sir Terry Pratchett and Lenore comics by Roman Dirge, and other such titles of this world. And let’s remember that a diet consisting of dinners without puddings is a very dull diet indeed. These are not mere trifles, but books that reach parts more weighty tomes fail to reach. Who cannot remember a Discworld novel they have read without giggling in remembrance of a particular scene? The opening scene of Wyrd Sisters still has me in stitches upon remembrance. I remember reading that book on the 132 bus and ignoring the strange looks I was getting as I was chortling out loud to a bunch of witches deciding when next to meet. And as for Lenore, who cannot but laugh when Raggamuffin gets shoved up a bear’s bottom?

So yes, dine all you like on fine literary novels, but for goodness sake do not forget to have some pudding. There is nothing wrong with a bit of trifle.

Police Investigation into the Jesus Army

On the 20th of August 2015 it was announced on ITV News that a number of people associated with, or members of, the Jesus Army had been arrested as part of investigations into historical sexual abuse within the organisation. The Jesus Army themselves released a statement on the nature of the inquiry and their co-operation with the police:

In 2013 the Jesus Fellowship initiated a process of inviting disclosures of any past abuse which might have occurred in the church, or during its activities, ever since the church was founded in the seventies. This is a similar process to that undertaken by the Methodist Church, the results of which were published recently.

We believe that openness and transparency is very important.

The welfare of children and young people is of paramount importance, so the Church has also commissioned an audit of its current Safeguarding procedures and practice which is being conducted by an outside, independent agency.


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In Reply to Anne Widdecombe

The best way to deal with Anne Widdecombe’s screed in The Daily Express, short of vomiting loudly into a bucket, is to refute her primary claim against the Ted Heath investigation – that there is no sound evidence against him. So let us look at the facts that we know so far:

Firstly, the case around the Madam, Myra Forde. It does transpire that the case against her collapsed because witnesses failed to turn up to testify against her, but it also transpires that she did threaten to drop Ted Heath in the proverbial should she be prosecuted. The police at the time called her bluff and she said nothing about Ted Heath in court. However, it has come to light that she knew about Ted Heath’s cottaging, which did include under-aged rent boys. Now we do not know if she means under-aged as the law stood in the 1970s and 1980s, or if she means under-aged as the law stands now. Either way, it does cast some considerable doubt on the character of Ted Heath, not for his alleged or perceived homosexuality, but because he appeared to ‘like them young’.

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#OpDeathEaters – Propaganda Image Resources

Vruz has kindly furnished us all with the PSD (Photoshop) files he used in the creation of the OpDeathEaters propaganda images we have all been using. The archive file can be grabbed here or here. They are compressed using 7z, which can be obtained here.

Within the archive you will find several folders, including one for fonts – unzip and install these fonts so that you have them available to use. You will need to use Photoshop 5.5 or later to keep formatting as it should be. You can open these in later versions of the GIMP (Gnu Image Manipulation Program), but there is no guarantee that the formatting will appear as it should. Also, the GIMP has weaknesses in text formatting, and you will not get as good results in it as you would in Photoshop.

Is it wise to make a copy of a PSD file to work on, and save it as a new name, before working on your new creations.

The Disciplinary Police State

Originally published at The Cat House on September 21st 2013.

So often in activist circles I hear the phrase “police state” bandied around every time a new, more egregious, police power comes into existence, as if this was something new that has only been occurring within living memory. This is a grossly incorrect use of the term “police state”, for several reasons, most importantly because all modern nation states by their very nature are “police states”, and have been since at least the latter half of the 18th century. A “police state” is merely a state whereby the populace are policed and disciplined routinely throughout the very fabric of their society – from school to work to retirement, disciplinary control mechanisms are the norm in every institution they come into contact with throughout their lives, even before you get to the military or the criminal justice system.

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#OpDeathEaters: Relationship Graph needed doing of high level paedosadists and their favourite pimp, Savile


This is a call out to those working within #OpDeathEaters who have specialist skills in drawing up relational graphs to volunteer to trawl through all the confirmed names we have so far and create a visual representation of their relationships to each other and to Jimmy Savile. Savile is particularly important here as he is the elephant in the room that none of the media are talking about, as he was the elite paedosadist’s favourite pimp/pander.

Now we know that it was Lord Mountbatten who introduced Savile into royal and political circles. Mountbatten is linked to several paedosadist rings in the Republic of Ireland and Ulster, most notably Kincora. This means he is linked to known paedosadists such as Sir Peter Hayman, deputy director of MI6, William McGrath of TARA and housemaster at Kincora, Sir Nicholas Fairbairn and Joseph Mains. He was also instrumental in helping to cover up the abuse at Kincora along side Sir Maurice Oldfield, director of MI6, Sir Anthony Blunt of MI5 and Russian Double Agent, and Sir Knox Cunningham (Unionist MP). So with Lord Mountbatten alone we get two relationship strands. Known paedosadists Hayman, McGrath, Fairbairn and Mains: agents of cover up Oldfield, Blunt and Cunningham.

With Fairbairn there are at least three other threads linking him to others involved with QVS in Dunblane, Elm Guest House in London, and Richard Henderson QC at home and elsewhere. He is known to be linked to Cyril Smith and Leon Brittan.

Leon Brittan is also linked back to Hayman and to Peter Morrison.

Savile’s relationship to Lord Mountbatten links him to Margaret Thatcher, Princes Charles, Andrew and Philip, Ted Heath via Haut de la Garenne in Jersey.

So already we have a very complex relationship map which needs visual representation that most people can get their heads around, and I have barely covered what I know. Hence this request for help by anyone on the Op who has a knack of drawing up such charts.

 I can be hit up at Twitter by my usual handle, @der_bluthund.

#OpDeathEaters: The Wall of Silence Around Ted Heath is Finally Crumbling


Today, Wiltshire police put themselves under investigation by the IPCC in relation to a claim that a Child Sexual Abuse case was dropped when the suspect threatened to drop Sir Edward (Ted) Heath in the proverbial deep and smelly with claims that he was also involved in paedosadism. Ted Heath’s name has been known to those of us investigating claims of a paedosadist ring around Parliament and Westminster for years, and so far what we have to go on is rumour and conjecture. We’re still waiting for concrete claims to come out.

Exaro News have just let on, via Twitter, that Ted Heath is or was a person of interest in their own investigations. We await further developments on that.

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#OpDeathEaters Dirtbook – Sir Nicholas Fairbairn

Sir Nicholas Fairbairn was the Conservative MP for Kinross and Western Perthshire from 1974 to 1983, and then for Perth and Kinross up until his death in 1995. He was born on December 24, 1933, and was mostly raised by his father because of maternal disinterest [biographical information: Wikipedia]. His public image was remarkable, with his flamboyant dress sense and outspoken political views. His private persona, however, was entirely different from his public one.

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